The Config.ini file is the heart of the Rust Essentials Mod, and where you will be enabling or disabling all main options and features. What you choose to enable or disable is entirely up to you and can really customise the way your server is run.

See below contents for articles to help you setup Essentials.

Server Setup

Enabling Voting at for your server

Enable or Disable the Rank Prefix in game

Whitelisting your Server with a Steam Group

Enabling and Using Damage Multipliers

Setting Naming Length and Censorship

In Game Features Setup

Enabling and Using Door Sharing

Enabling and Using Player Based Teleporting

Enabling and Using Warps

Enabling LeaderBoards in your server

Enabling and Using Global and Direct Chat

Enabling Door Stops

Troubleshooting the Config.ini file

Troubleshooting the Config.ini File