General Contents

Participating Servers - List of participating servers. Feel free to add your server if you are running Essentials.

Essentials Changelogs - Essentials version change logs. find out what has changed!

Essentials Photos - Photos of Essentials in action. Feel free to upload some of your own!

Essentials Videos - Vids of Essentials in action. Feel free to upload vids of Essentials running on your server. (Coming Soon)


Creator - Mistad

Other Essentials Links

[Facepunch Post] - Read the posts, request help, chat to Essentials admins.

[Trello] - Main Trello site for Mod Development

[Trello: Features and Requests] - Make your own feature requests and check bug reports

[Essentials SteamGroup] - Join the group and chat to other Essentials Admins!

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