Welcome to the Mod Configuration section of the Wikia.This category holds all relevant info you need to navigating and configuring the various configuration files included in the Essentials Mod.

Remember to always keep an up to date backup of any config file you have modified for quick recovery in the event of a problem.

Location of the Essentials Mod Config Files

The main files for Rust Essentials is located at the moment within the Save folder in your servers directory. Clicking on the Rust Essentials folder will take you to the main directory containing the files.Depending on your GSP, you can favourite the common ones so they appear in the servers "Configuration Files" section.

Main Config Files - Content and Articles

Clicking on the links below will take you to the category page for that config file. Alternately you can click on the category links at the bottom of the page.

Main Config Files - Description and Details







Other Config Files - Content and Articles

Other Config Files

See Also

Reloading Essentials Configs on the Fly

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