Here you will find a description of other config files within the Essentials Mod. While not the main files, they are critical files and each has their own function. Find below a description of these files. This will Category will grow over time the more articles are added about the various files, but they are pretty straight forward in their function.

Other Files 

allCommands.txt - Just a simple txt file containing every command available to be used in the commands.ini file. VERY HANDY! See the AllCommands Article for a copy for reference

itemIDs.txt - Simple TXT file that contains the item IDs of ALL the items in the game. Handy when making kits or similar. See the ItemIDs Article for a copy for reference.

whitelist.txt - Have not tested this out yet, but pretty sure if your server is using whitelist (without Steam Group) you add the whitelisted players here.

allies.dat - File holds info about players that have allied with Factions. Can not be edited, but can be deleted if you need to clear all alliance info in your server.

deaths.dat - File holds death info for the Leaderboard. File cant be edited but can be deleted if you wish to reset the death count in your leaderboard.

kills.dat - File holds kill info for the Leaderboard. File cant be edited but can be deleted if you wish to reset the kill count in your leaderboard.

door_data.dat - File holds door sharing data for the door share feature. File can't be edited but can be deleted if you wish to clear all door sharing data in your server.

factions.dat  - File holds data for the factions in your server. Delete this to clear out all factions data in your server (required if you wish to clear factions on each wipe).

tpaAll_Colldowns.dat - File holds player teleport cooldown data.

zones.dat - File holds info about the various zones you have set in your server. Delete to clear all zones (required if you need to reset your zones during a wipe).

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