Welcome to the Troubleshooting category. All relevant Troubleshooting pages are listed here for easier viewing. Check below for the available articles. Major bugs reported in the Forums or in the Trello that are in the process of being fixed are listed below also.

Issues resolved in the Facepunch forums will be added here so check back often.

Asking for help

Have an issue with Essentials that is not listed here in the Troubleshooting section, or cant find any useful tid bits in the forums? Feel free to leave a post here or in the forums.

Please keep in mind that in order for people to help you out, you need to provide more than "HAI my chat isnt working k thx BAI". This is the type of info you should be providing so that other users can assist you better:

Information to Provide

1. A detailed description of the problem;

2. Have you wiped the server recently? (before or during the issue?);

3. Any specific error messages? Please provide details of these if so;

4. Upload a dump of the relevant config file, i.e. Issues with Chat? Upload the section pertaining to [Chat] in the Config.ini file

5. Were you making any recent changes in the configs when the issue started occuring?

6. Has the feature that isn't working ever worked on your server or this is the first time you are trying to use it?

7. If your issue is one reported by your players, are multiple people reporting/affected by the issue or just one?

8. If your issue is in relation to commands not working upload a dump of your Commands.ini and your Ranks.ini file

Current Confirmed Bugs - Essentials 1.7.0

This is a list of some of the major reported bugs as reported in the Trello. Items in this list are marked as in the process of being fixed or fixed and ready to be released in the next Essentials update. Have a bug? Please report it on the Trello

  • Portal gun causes server lag
  • Leaderboards are sometimes displaying ranks incorrectly
  • /rfreeze and /radius slightly broken
  • Death data not saving correctly
  • /Redeem to be renamed /voted
  • Force nudity crashes server
  • Leaderboards take a long time to load
  • Bleeding not working properly
  • IP Addresses display on disconnect
  • TPA cooldown going into negative values

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