This Article will show you how to edit the Default_Loadouts.ini file. What does this do? Well, it allows you to specify what you would like your players to have on them when they enter the server, or resurrect after they die. You can choose what the player will spawn with in their inventory or their belt bar. And yes, the spelling on this file is wrong (will be fixed in post 1.7.0).

Locating the Default_Loadout.ini File

1. Log into your Servers administration console;

2. Browse to the \save\RustEssentials folder and locate the Default.ini file

3. Open it.

Editing the Default_loadout.ini file

The comments in the file are pretty self explanatory so I will just add them here. it is a straightforward process of editing the file. Just make sure that when adding items that you take care to get the spelling and syntax correct as this is generally the cause of most problems encountered with changing the loadouts.

When designating the loadout, you have two sections: [Hotbar] and [Inventory]

If, for example, an item is assigned to the hotbar section, the item will be spawned into the [Hotbar] IF the hotbar has space.If the hotbar is fully occupied, no vacant/empty slots, the item will be spawned into the general inventory.






If an item is assigned to either [Hotbar] or [Inventory] and the item is an armor piece (Helmet, Vest, etc.), the armor piece will be auto-equipped if that armor slot is open. If it is not open, it will be spawned into the general inventory. If you want to remove a user's assigned rank prefix, simply add his UID without specifying any kind of prefix. DO NOT ADD A ':'.



Kevlar Pants:1 <---- This will be spawned into the pants slot

Cloth Pants:1 <---- This will be spawned into the general inventory.

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