This article will guide you through the process of allowing your players to door share with other players in the game. Note thatServer Configuration

Config.ini Edit

There is no specific configuration required for Door Sharing in the config.ini file.

Commands.ini Edit


1. Adding the following command under the appropriate rank will allow that rank to utilise door sharing. the default setup will be to place it under the [Default], and any rank above that will also have access to it. the command is



2. Save the commands.ini file

3. Reload the commands.ini file in game by typing the following:

/reload commands

Using door sharing in game Edit

Note that when you share your doors with another player, you will share ALL of your doors, not just one door!

Sharing doors Edit

1. When in game, to share your door with another player type the following command

/share playername

2. you will see a notification advising that you have shared your door with that player


Unsharing Doors Edit

1. When in game, type the following command to unshare your doors again with that player

/unshare playername

2. You will see a notification advising that doors have been unshared with the player