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This guide will show you how to install or upgrade the Essentials mod on your server. Always make sure you have taken a full map and player backup before beginning just in case something goes wrong, and in the case of an update, ensure you have good backups of all the config files you have already edited.

Installing Essentials (First Time)Edit

1. Log into your server console;

2. Shut down your server;

3. Take a full map/ player backup;

4. If applicable, get the latest Rust update from Steam;


5. Find Essentials in the list of available mods and select install;

6. Once installed, start your server, then shut it down again;

(Note - the above step is important! if you jump straight into the configs without starting the server first all the files will be blank)

7. Browse to the main ini files and configure them how you need;

8. Start your server;

9. Log in to confirm mod is working. If it is you should see the join message you configured in the motd.ini file;