At the time of this writing (Essentials ver 1.7.0) the remover tool is a bit limited in what it can remove. You can further lock down options in the config.ini file to get it setup how you want it.

Note - This tool can be abused by players (as stipulated in the config files). So you should decide whether or not you want this feature. I'd recommend leaving it until we get the ability to set what objects can be destroyed, why? because I have found players tend to get a bit frustrated when there is a remove tool that doesn't remove many of the items they need gone.

Setting up Config.ini Edit


Config options for remover tool

1. Log into your server console

2. Open the Config.ini file

3. Locate the section named [Remover]

Ensure enableRemover=true to enable the remover, or enableRemover=false to disable.

Set the following options to how you need them:

Config Options Edit

# Eğer doğruysa, / sökücü tavanlar üzerinde çalışacak

removerOnCeiling = true

# If true, /remover will work on pillars


# If true, /remover will work on foundations


4. Save the config.ini file

Setting up Commands.ini Edit


1. Open the commands.ini file

2. Browse to the rank that you wish to have access to the player remove tool (Remembering that any higher rank will also inherit the command if inheritance is enabled

3.Add the following command (as in the screenie)


4. Save the commands.ini file

Reload your Configs Edit

5. When in game, reload all of the recently edited configs by typing the following

/reload all

Using the Remover tool in game Edit

Turning the Remover tool ON Edit

1. Players can then turn on the remover tool by typing the following:

/remover on

2. Players will then need to hack at the removable object with a hatchet, rock or stone hatchet. If working they will see a hit counter counting down as the object loses health

3. Once the object is gone, depending on if you have configured it, players may receive some materials back.

Turning the Remover tool OFF Edit

1. Players can then turn off the remover tool by typing the following command

/remover off