This Article will guide you through the process of planning, creating and removing Warzones. Players entering a Warzone will be notified via an on screen popup. Depending on whether you have set Damage Multipliers, you can really customise how you want the Warzone to function. Check out the Article on Damage Multipliers for the options you can set here, as well as Factions behaviour if you have set up Factions as they all really compliment each other.

Permissions & RanksEdit


Adding the Required Permissions

Commands.ini Edit

To begin with, you need to ensure you have the following command available to you or whoever is going to be making the Warzone. in this example we are setting it on the Owner rank:


Warzone Permissions

1. Log into the admin console, and open Commands.ini

2. under the appropriate rank (in this case under [owner], add "/f warzone"

3. Save the Commands.ini file


Warzone Warning

===Reloading the Permissions ===

4. In game, type the following command to reload the commands file

/reload commands

Setting the WarzoneEdit

Tips for Plotting it out

Warzones need to be generally in a square shape. I always dump some foundations at the corners to assist with getting an accurate zone setup, which helps alot when your setting the 4 points!

Entering the points

1. plot out a rough square you would like to be zoned. I prefer to place down some foundations to assist with this, makes it easier. for this demo lets assume I have set down 4 foundations in a rough square area and am ready to set the zone.

2. Stand on first foundation, facing towards the second foundation

3. Type the following command

/f warzone 1

You will see a confirmation indicating your first point has been set

4.Walk to the second foundation, turn and face your next foundation in the chain

5. Type the following command

/f warzone 2

You will see a confirmation indicating your second point has been set

6. Walk to the third foundation, turn and face the last next foundation in the chain

7. Type the following command

/f warzone 3

You will see a confirmation indicating your third point has been set

8. Walk to the last foundation

9. Type in the following command

/f warzone 4

You will see a confirmation indicating your fourth point has been set

Setting the Warzone

10. Walk into the safezone area;

11. Type the following command

/f warzone set

You should now see a notification advising the safezone is now set and the size. Players will now receive notification they are entering a Warzone and also the damage rate that is configured for warzones

Clearing the current warzone

If you need to clear a safezone, walk into it and type the following command

/f warzone clear

Clearing ALL warzones

If you need to clear all Safezones on your server, type the following command:

/f warzone clearall

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